"Russian Hockey Glory" project is my personal hobby and is not endorsed by any other party.

It all began when after watching official release of 1972 Series few years back, I just fell in love with the way Russians played and decided to collect as many games with USSR/Russia team as I could. But I very quickly realized that there were practically no other series released and it was impossible to find international tournaments where USSR/Russia was victorious - official Canadian releases are strictly concentrated on games and series that Canada won, conveniently "forgetting" and ignoring other tournaments where Team Canada was not so prevailing. USA releases are pretty much limited to a Miracle that happened to their team, putting so much "behind the scene" and documentary material on the DVD, that there was just not enough space for a complete game, so they cut it!

Shockingly, I was not able to find any Russian official releases either and, being Russian myself, was so deeply disappointed by the fact that my country was not praising their legendary National Team and decades of their hockey glory and dominance, that I decided to do all what I could to change that with "Russian Hockey Glory" project.

Unlike many official releases, "Russian Hockey Glory" project is not limited to the games that USSR/Russia won. Even their worst games you will be able to find here as these games are the part of the history too, no matter how painful that was at that time, they happened and what we see today in hockey is the result of those games too.

Increasing quality of video and audio of those games that I was able to acquire from many private sources around the world, converting them to DVD format, designing and adding some art work to them (DVD menu, labels, inserts), removing extra footage like commercials and doing a lot of little things like placing DVD chapters not just between periods, but on each break in the action and such are just some of the steps I had to take to achieve my goal in providing better viewing experience for fellow hockey fans. Not counting endless hours of reading, researching and educating myself on how to work with video/audio in the first place as well as spending a lot on all the equipment required to do so :).

The following games are the part of this project:


1960 Olympics - USSR (Soviet Union) vs. USA

1974 Summit Series - USSR (Soviet Union) vs. Canada (8 games)

Super Series 1976 - Red Army vs. New York Rangers
Super Series 1976 - Red Army vs. Montreal Canadiens
Super Series 1976 - Red Army vs. Boston Bruins
Super Series 1976 - Red Army vs. Philadelphia Flyers
Super Series 1976 - Soviet Wings vs. Buffalo Sabres

1976 Olympics - USSR (Soviet Union) vs. CSSR (Czechoslovakia) (gold medal game)

1979 Challenge Cup - USSR (Soviet Union) vs. NHL All-Stars (3 games)

1980 Olympics - USSR (Soviet Union) vs. USA (The Miracle On The Ice)
1980 Olympics - USA vs. Finland (gold medal game)
1980 Olympics - USSR (Soviet Union) vs. Sweden (silver medal game)

Canada Cup 1981 - USSR (Soviet Union) vs. Canada (final)

1987 World Junior Championship - USSR (Soviet Union) vs. Canada (huge brawl)

1987 Rendez Vous - USSR (Soviet Union) vs. NHL All-Stars (2 games)


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