1974 Summit Series - USSR vs Team Canada '74 (WHA) Hockey DVD set.

After legendary and glorious 1972 Series, NHL's rival World Hockey Association (WHA) assembled a great and very strong Team Canada '74 full of WHA stars to match against the national team of the USSR in the Summit Series 1974. The Soviet team had a lot of returning stars on their roster (Tretiak, Yakushev, Kharlamov, Mikhailov, Petrov, Vasiliev, Maltsev, Gusev), but they also had few new names like Kapustin, Lebedev, Kotov and others. Canada on the other hand had less returning players, who participated in 1972 Series (Stapleton, F. Mahovlich and, of course, the hero of 1972 Series Paul Henderson!), but brought great players like Gordie Howe, Bobby Hull, Gerry Cheevers as well as Lacroix, Webster, Backstrom, both sons of Howe and many others.

Disk 1 - game 1 on September 17, 1974 in Quebec City.
This game has it all - tremendous plays and excitement of the Series opener, 2 goals and an assist by Bobby Hull, a beauty scored by Kharlamov and much more! The disk includes post-game interviews with Bobby Hull and Valeri Kharlamov.

Disk 2 - game 2 on September 19, 1974 in Toronto.
First penalty shot of the Series by Canada, the goal missed by officials, beautiful and very strong play by Team Canada '74 and lots more. Very exciting game! The disk includes post-game interviews with both goalies Cheevers and Tretiak!

Disk 3 - game 3 on September 21, 1974 in Winnipeg.
Soviets with a very strong play in this game, their first penalty shot, Yakushev with a hat-trick, Canada with 3 quick goals in a third period (2 of those goals scored by Henderson) to almost come back into a game. A wide open and very emotional game! The disk includes post-game interviews with Yakushev and Henderson.

Disk 4 - game 4 on September 23, 1974 in Vancouver.
The 4th game was the last one to be played in Canada and is one of my personal favorites. 7 goals scored in just a first period, Bobby Hull with a hat-trick and great come back by Soviets. Nothing but furious action in all 60 minutes of the game! The disk includes a post-game interview with Bobby Hull!

Disk 5 - game 5 on October 1, 1974 in Moscow.
The 5th game was the first game of the Series to be played in Moscow. Unfortunately, the satellite transmission of this game was seriously disrupted somewhere between Moscow and London, so the game is missing first period and part of the second period. There are also some transmission difficulties at the end of the game. But there is still lots of action to see as Soviet team came out strong in front of their home crowd! The disk includes a post-game interview with goalie Gerry Cheevers!

Disk 6 - game 6 on October 3, 1974 in Moscow.
Some sound troubles, so TV guys play some lovely music of 70's for you at the beginning of the game :). This game turned out to be the ugliest one of the Series. Lots of pushing and shoving erupted into a couple of fights during and after the game. Players introductions and post-game interviews with Gordie Howe and J.-C. Tremblay are included as well.

Disk 7 - game 7 on October, 5 1974 in Moscow.
As all games of this Series played in USSR, 7th game has some transmission difficulties as well. This game was a must-win for Team Canada as they found themselves with just 1 victory back in Canada, so they fought for it really hard. And they almost did it, but controversial decision by refs on last goal by Canada left them with one more tie in the Series. Great and hard-nose battled game! Players introductions are included on this disk.

Disk 8 - game 8 on October, 6 1974 in Moscow.
That's the last game of the Series and Soviets felt pretty relaxed and gave Tretiak and Mikhailov a chance to rest. After this game Team Canada's record for the Series was not as impressive as in 1972 - 1W-4L-3T with 27 goals scored and 32 goals scored against. Players introductions and post-game interview with Ralph Backstrom are included on this disk.

No intermissions or commercials on any of these disks except for game 6 where I left some commercials in order to preserve audio commentaries. All DVDs have fully featured menu with chapters, disks have nice labels and come in quad-DVD cases with inserts. This set is in NTSC format and region free.

1974 Summit Series - USSR vs Team Canada '74 (WHA) Hockey DVD set

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