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This website is dedicated to the international ice hockey in general and Russian / Soviet hockey particularly.

Many historically important games are available as part of my personal project - "Russian Hockey Glory", which is my tribute to all Russian and Soviet hockey players for all what they've done for ice hockey.

Please, click the above link to find out more about project itself and the games that are part of it.
Games from RHG project are not available for regular trading (one-for-one) as any other game in my list, but go one-for-two as they look and feel much like commercial DVDs and are very well suitable as a gift.

If you would like to get any game(s) from my collection, please contact me.

If you are a hockey collector and/or trader, please send me a list of games (DVD and/or VHS tapes) you have for trade. Even if you're just beginning to build your collection and think that you don't have anything to offer, please, do not hesitate to contact me.

Our latest news.

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We felt it was a right time to start redesigning and expanding the functionality and content of this website.
In coming months, you'll see a lot of changes. We're planning (not in a particular order) to:

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